Upper Body + Cardio Supersets

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL weekend and survived the time change. (Bring on the coffee!) What a better way to start off your Monday with an awesome workout. By focusing on both weight lifting exercises and cardio, you will get the best of both worlds. Treat this workout similar to a HIIT-style workout with minimal rest to get MAXIMUM benefits.

Your workout video is posted below, including your printable workout sheets as well. These have your descriptions for each of the exercises on them. Complete 10 reps of the weight lifting upper body exercises, and do the cardio exercises for 30 seconds.

Because it’s a superset workout, you complete exercise 1a and 1b as a pair. You will go back and forth between them both until you have completed 3 sets of each of them. Take 1-2 minutes to rest between each superset.


Right click printable workouts below to save to your computer or hold finger over picture to save to your phone.

Upper Body + Cardio Supersets

Upper Body + Cardio Supersets pg 2

If you do it, let me know on Facebook or Instagram!



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