Hello and Welcome!

Good day to you all!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day. As I was taking a walk earlier with my son, Jayden, and my dog, Tango, I came up with this idea. I had a blog forever ago (still do have one) that I rarely updated…especially since having my son last July. I wanted to create a space that focused on busy moms. Whether you have 1 child or 5 (or more! And bless you if you do!), we all want to get back to that “pre-baby body.” We all think about those days…admit it, you do! Here is where I want you to go for fitness and fun.

Fit Mama Life is a guide for all you busy moms who seek that healthy lifestyle. I will be posting workouts that you can do during afternoon naps. I will be posting healthy, family-friendly recipes. See, that’s where the “Fit” comes in! I will be posting about mom life and all the challenges that come with it.”Mama….” I will be posting about life in general. “Life!” See how that all works out?!

It’s a work in progress, so bear with me. I have big goals for this blog, and I hope you all will buckle those seat-belts for a wild ride (and don’t make me come back there!)

– CP

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