Total Body Workout

Good morning Fit Mamas!

I wanted to share a fun workout that I completed yesterday. My son wouldn’t nap so I decided to do a fun workout that used minimal weights, that way he could be involved too. I’m always nervous using really heavy weights around him… I don’t want his toes to be crushed! This workout is perfect…I used 1 set of dumbbells, a mat, and my own bodyweight.

It is designed to be finished within 40 minutes max! Each round is 6 minutes long, so set a timer and see how many rounds and reps you can complete within that time frame. I took a rest break between each that lasted about 1 minute long (sometimes I had to stop to read a book…cuz you know…priorities for a 1.5 year old).




Oh, and here’s a video of my son squatting…yeah he’s pretty cute.

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