Naptime Workout Series

This is your FIRST workout in the Naptime Workout Series, and my very first OFFICIAL content of Fit Mama Life! Yay!

I created some fun workouts that you can do while your little ones nap! They are quick and easy, and utilize mostly your own bodyweight. You can do them anywhere. Print the picture out, save it to your phone, or Pin it for future use! Take advantage of the time you have while they are sleeping and get in a quick and effective workout.

Today’s workout is a 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds and reps as possible). That means in 10 minutes you want to see how many rounds and reps you can complete. If you take a look at my video you can see the movements and how to do them!


Naptime Workout 1
**save this photo for future use**

**Remember, if you are post-natal and haven’t seen the doc yet and have yet to be cleared for exercise, then wait to do that. Otherwise, these are safe to do post-natal! If you do these pre-natally,  do push-ups on your knees or elevated to take the pressure off your belly, and substitute bicycle crunches for side plank dips (do 10 per side). (Side plank dips are a normal side plank, but instead of holding it up, you will dip your hip to the ground and back up to where you started. Place your knee on the ground to give you more support as your belly grows!)



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