Treat Yo Self!


I LOVE this show. This was probably my favorite part of Parks & Rec…these two picked a day out of the year to “treat yo self.” Clothes. Shoes. Food. Whatever they wanted, whatever the price — they treated themselves to it.

As a mom, I have suffered from time to time the dreaded mom guilt. We all have I’m sure. “Leave the kids and get a massage?” No thanks. I’d rather play with my kid. “Get a much-needed workout?” Eh, running around with my kiddo is a workout in itself.

It’s tough to take the time to “treat yo self” when you become a mom. With schedules, rushing the kids back and forth to activities, and just trying to fit in some time with your husband…”yo-self” hits the back-burner. I definitely know I need to take my own advice here, but lately I’ve been carving out time each day for ME. I LOVE me time. Like, absolutely LOVE IT. As much as I love hanging out with friends, I’m much more of a homebody and much more of an introvert. I recharge by reading, writing, being creative…all on my own, so making sure I get my me-time is like EXTRA important to me.

Some ways I get my “me-time” are:

  1. Writing blog posts. I do these after my son goes to bed usually, and it works for me. This a little extra time that I can focus on writing a post for you all and it allows my brain to transition from crazy baby time to wind-down time before bed.
  2. Reading. I’m currently reading the 3rd book in the Game of Thrones series. I’ve already been watching the show (WHICH IS AWESOME), but I have been wanting to read the books for a long time so I’m excited to read them. Again, this is something I will usually do before bed so I’m not on my phone or computer and allows my brain to get ready for sleep.
  3. Drink my coffee. Seems silly, but I always have my cup of hot coffee in the morning and sit there and watch my son play with his toys. It’s like a little me-time before my crazy day starts. If I’m home with him in the morning or on the weekends, then he is pretty content to play with some of his toys while I sip on my coffee. I take that moment to breathe in the new day, and the wonderful aroma of coffee, and get focused for the day ahead.
  4. Drink my tea. Again, like above, amidst the chaos, it’s nice to sit down in the middle of the day with a cup of tea and JUST SIT. It’s hard to do with a mobile child, but if he’s content with playing with his blocks or cars or whatever other noisy toy he has, then I can take that time to sit down on my butt and take a load off.tea time
  5. Workout. Whenever you can, try to get a mini-workout in. You will be able to see a TON of fun little workouts here on my blog, but searching Pinterest is great too! While your littles are napping, workout. While they are watching TV and a commercial comes on, workout. Finding time and making it a priority will help you reach your fitness goals. You may not be able to get an hour-long workout in, or longer, but finding 10 minutes here and there throughout the day is better than NOTHING!
  6. Be creative. Adult coloring books anyone? I have one and love it. It’s kind of meditative actually…you focus just on coloring and what you’re doing in the moment. Very tiny spaces, so paying attention is KEY. If coloring isn’t for you, then when the kiddos are napping, and you enjoy painting, writing or whatever else you like, then make time to do that. If it makes you happy and content, then it’s worth doing.
  7. Binge watch your favorite shows. THIS. THIS makes me happy and allows me some of my me-time. Currently, I’m not watching anything but recently finished Parenthood,  which is amazing and I’m questioning why I hadn’t watched it when it was actually on TV. Thank you mommy friend for this recommendation. I’ve binge-watched the following shows since having our son: House of Cards, Making a Murderer, Parks and Recreation, and The Office (I watched this when it was on TV and knew I had to rewatch’s just so good!). My husband and I watch The Walking Dead when it’s on, and Game of Thrones. And I’ve been obsessed with Fixer Upper from the beginning, so occasionally I’ll rewatch episodes on Netflix or on HGTV when they have re-runs.
  8. Spa time. If you can make the time, get a massage, pedicure, manicure…whatever. But go out, and take care of yourself. I still have a massage I need to use from Valentine’s Day!! (So I certainly need to take my own advice here!)
  9. Meditate. Most of these activities that I’ve listed above can be considered a form of meditation if you’re immersing yourself completely in them. But if you take time in the morning before the craziness begins or even right before you fall asleep to focus on your breathing, calming yourself down, “thinking inward,” and letting yourself “be in the present moment” it really grounds you. It will help focus your mind on the day ahead of you, or even calm you down and help you sleep.
  10. Nap. I cannot stress this enough. In the beginning, life is tough. If it’s your first kid, it’s a completely different ball game. It’s a whole new world, and a whole new level of exhaustion that you thought never existed. And while you get used to it, and once they start sleeping through the night and you feel like you’re a new person the next day, you are still so tired. I recently acquired a fitness tracker wristband (the Jawbone) and the thing I find so interesting is that it tracks sleep (deep sleep and light sleep). I would have LOVED to see how I slept before I had my baby boy. I may get 7-8 hours of sleep at night now that he’s pretty much sleeping through the night, but some days I just drag. I chalked it up to just nights of hardly any sleep adding up one on top of another, but when I saw the data from my fitness tracker that more than half of my night was light sleep and I rarely had more than 45 minutes of deep sleep at one time throughout the night, I then chalked it up to one thing: sleeping with one eye and one ear open the whole night. I swear, any little noise, and I’m up. Doesn’t matter what he’s doing. He may be only turning over in his and letting a little noise out, and I hear it, and I’m up. “Mommy-sense” I guess 😉 SO back to my original point…NAP! It’s so important. When they nap, nap. Be selfish about it. I’m not saying do it all the time, otherwise nothing will get done around the house, but if you are so tired that you can’t even function…take a freaking nap mama! You deserve it. Seriously. I’ve let laundry pile up, and I’ve put cleaning off for an hour or so, and even started dinner a little later than normal because I’m allowing myself to take a nap with my son. And let me tell you–so worth it, and don’t ever feel bad for doing so.


What else can you do to “treat yo self?” What do you do?? I’d love to know!


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