Flower Arrangement

Whenever I go grocery shopping and I see some really colorful and pretty flowers, I really can’t help myself from buying them. It is such an easy way to brighten up your home, and bring the outdoors IN.

Flower arrangements don’t have to be expensive, and buying professionally made bouquets can sure feel that way. I have grown to love buying flowers and creating my own arrangements in my own home. I have included a picture of my recent one (and will include more as I make them!). These were bunches of carnations of different colors that I found in separate bouquets and thought … “hmmm, these would be really pretty if I combined them!” The colors remind me of summer.

Here’s some quick “how-to’s” on arranging flowers from my own experience:

  • Choose whatever flowers “speak” to you. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different size blooms, different colors, or even some greenery in there too. You really can come up with whatever you want and be really creative!
  • Choose a vase for your flowers. I’m loving Mason Jars at the moment for just about anything, so if I trim my stems enough, they can fit in one. But I’m also a fan of anything simple!
  • If you use greenery, start with that first. That will be your base.
  • Then use the larger flowers that you have. Arrange the greenery around them.
  • Place smaller flowers next, and then fill in any extra holes and spaces with more greenery.
  • Be careful about using TOO MUCH (there is such a thing, even with something as pretty as flowers!), because you don’t want it to be over-stuffed or even too busy looking.
  • Make sure you change the water often, and re-cut the stems every now and then to help them soak up more water to keep them healthy.
  • And importantly, make sure you keep them high enough so little fingers can’t grab onto the vase to knock it over 😉

There! Super simple! Above all, be creative in what bouquets and arrangements you want to make. Don’t be afraid to mix and match…then, display that beautiful arrangement proudly!


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