What I’m Loving Right Now

Hello all! Happy Sunday! I’ve decided that every month I am going to feature some things that I am absolute loving right now…this can be clothes, food, books, baby items, etc.

I’m excited to share the following items with you. Let me know if you try them out by commenting below or finding me on IG or FB and letting me know! Also, if you find anything you want me to test out, feel free to shoot me a message. I’d love to feature it on here!



1.LaCroix Water – Berry

I absolutely love this flavor. It’s light and refreshing, and helps me drink more water during the day.

2. The Magnolia Story

If you love Chip and Jo as much as I do, then you will adore this book. You will get a glimpse into their life before Fixer Upper. It’s incredible to see how down to earth they are and thankful for everything that was brought to them in their life. Their commitment to each other and to their faith is amazing and inspiring. Get it here!

3. Grace Wins tee from Etsy

Loved this as soon as I saw it. I really like graphic tees, and you can wear them with anything. Go off the reviews and order a size larger than you normally get. Get it here!

4. Succulents 

I have fake succulents around my house, and I had some real ones when we first moved in. As I got busier I noticed I couldn’t take care of them like how I wanted, so I found some fun fake ones at Hobby Lobby and I really enjoy how they liven up a room. Find similar ones to mine here!

5. Interlocking Wooden Blocks

These will keep my son busy for a long time. He’s been learning how to stack them so they will stick and interlock together, and then show me his work. He gets so proud. And anything that keeps him busy for a while is great for me! Find similar ones like mine here!

6. Belvita Breakfast Biscuits (Blueberry is my favorite!)

I often find myself running around after my son in the morning, trying to get him to have his breakfast that I sometimes forget to eat! EEEK! These help and are so easy to pick up and eat on the go. Bonus — my son loves them too!

7. Lularoe Carly dress

I cannot put into words how much I love this dress…but I’ll try. It’s soft, it’s comfortable, it’s versatile. I. LOVE. IT. You can wear it with anything, style it anyway you want, wear whatever shoes with it, and it still looks cute. I have 3 and I want more of them! I will be posting a blog soon with my fall fashion picks and this dress is on there. You can see how I style it!

8. Sally Hansen Dark Hue-mor (navy blue nail polish) 

I am living in this polish right now. It’s on my toes and my fingernails. It’s dark so it looks almost black, but you can see the blue in the sun. I love how it looks and it’s perfect for fall. Get it here!


Have a wonderful day!

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